Baltic Song video

a story by Jan Gabriel Szutkowski

Couple of years ago during an acappella workshop in Plzeň I was lucky to meet Katarina Henrysson and Morten Winther from the Real Group. We’d spent wonderful time together on stage as they helped us to anchor the groove in one of our original songs (Endless Fields). But the outcome of this meeting reached much further then this. Apart from showing us some crucial groove excersises, they also showed a lot of support and enthusiasm for our project and original music. And that is what started a truly unexpected chain of events.

After the practise and conversation we had, I was so happy and energised that I immidiately wanted to make some music. I went to our cloakroom, sat at the piano and started to play. It was one of this rare moments (to me) when the melody just pops out with a clear harmonic outline almost from the first strike. I was stunned, enchanted and thankful at the same time, so I started to think: what the song could be about? I wanted it to be something the Danes (Morten), Swedes (Katarina) and Poles (myself) have in common and shortly after that, the Baltic Sea came to my mind. It took only another couple of seconds before I thought about the porpoise. The animal fitted just perfectly to the philosophy of the Real Group and acappella with it’s humblness and beauty. I also have to say that Morten looks a little bit like a porpoise to me (I hope he dosesn’t mind).

Anyway I was even more excited when Verunka told me that she got Morten on board for directing and supervizing the recording of our first CD – Joy’s Immortality. Thanks to his work as well as the whole group: Verunka, Veronika, Ondřej, Adam and also Petra, the Baltic Song gained it’s final shape. I mention Petra because the process of making the song was much more than just reproducing it from the score. There were countless rehearsals full of new ideas, corrections and changes in which she participated with a great influence on what came out in the end.

When the CD was published in the beginning of 2016 I had already been obsessed with the idea to make a music video for the Baltic Song. The motivation was double because I felt like this song has a potential not only to draw attention to our ensemble but also help the cutest and most intelligent creature that lives in the Baltic Sea. And trying to make world a better place is always a great adventure!

My cousin – Remek Zawadzki (drummer/composer/producer) has done some significant music for films and  animations so I asked him if he can recommend me an animator who would be eager to do this. Without hesitation he gave the contact for Magda Pilecka and as soon as I saw her work I knew that „…this is the girl“;)  Making a deal with her was just a matter of days and animating the porpoise could soon begin.

Thanks to Verunka’s great support and a lot of financial help from my family, after many months of hard work when I was constantly getting more and more amazed with Magda’s imagination, after many hard moments like Magda’s wallet being stolen or her apartment falling apart, we can finally present You the fruit of our enterprise – the Baltic Song video. Enjoy!