Welcome to TimbreTone a cappella quintet web site!

You can listen to our recordings in the section MEDIA. To learn about our upcoming events go to the section KONCERTY & AKCE. If you are interested in our music and you want to organize a concert with our appearance don’t hesitate to contact us.


Our soprano Veronika just released her first book of poetry Between my waters with beautiful illustrations of Natália Grucová (she illustrated sleeve of our CD Joy´s Immortality). If you´d like to have a printed book (charged 2 Euro + postage), just email us to info@timbretone.cz and we will send it to you:).

We are looking for female singer for long-term collaboration and our new original acappella folklore repertoare! Preferably mezzosoprano/alto but sopranos can also apply for audition. If you are interested please watch our Facebook and for more information contact us via mail info@timbretone.cz. We are looking forward to hear from you!

Our BALTIC SONG music video has been awarded 2. prizes in two categories: OUTSTANDING ANIMATION and EXPERIMENTAL VIDEO of this year´s prestigious CASA awards in Los Angeles! We are full of joy and sending our congratulations to Magda Pilecka, author of the animation! We would also like to thank all those who have worked hard for this success, inspired us and supported our project. More about our video/project Baltic Song here

We would like to thank You heartily for all the generous support for the release of our debut album – Joy’s Immortality which we made in colaboration with Morten Vinther from The Real Group (artistic co-production and post production). Thanks to Your help we collected unbelievable 142% of our target amount! The CD is now available as a digital download here: http://www.supraphonline.cz/album/235651-joy-s-immortality or You can buy the whole CD with illustrated poster here: www.bontonland.cz/timbretone-joy-s-immortality. We are looking forward to meeting You personaly on our concerts or during the realisation of some of the rewards. Thank You!

Special thanks to: Martin Mikeš, Martina Chloupková, František Straka, Petra Bártová, Pavel Kratochvíl, Lukáš Česnek, Adam Tomíšek, Karel Zochr, Patrik Grexa, Zdeněk Lahoda, Petr Hlubuček, Michal Houda, Michaela Cachová, Hana Chmelíková, Jitka Říhová, Artur Púry, Klára Borůvková, Zdeněk Hostinský, Petr Savinec, Karel Korsa, Izabela Mendl, Blanka Savincová, Joanna Tyrowicz, Iza Olszewska, Danuta, Jarosław i Małgorzata Szutkowscy, Terezie Janečková, Ondřej Wagner, Copil Bogdan, Jan Fiala, Ondřej Reichmann, Koubkovi family, Matouš Hamerník, Pavla Vavrdová, Michal Opler, Pavel Dvořák, Anna Pragrová, Viktor Brynda.


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